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Market Strategy - When Healthcare Reform Hits Home 

A changing health care industry can represent a threat or opportunities; with the right knowledge, strategy and planning, change assures market opportunity, new partnership alignments, revenue diversification. A wealth of knowledge, market instinct and years of experience can help place your organization at the cutting edge of policy, delivery system and payment reform.


Strategic Market Questions - Hard Choices

Who will be your network partners, what new target populations and payers? Who will be your referral sources in a rapidly changing environment, with what service offering?


How will you transition from Fee-for-Service to Accountable Care?


Taking Action

Review, refine or renew your market position with an independent assessment of your organization’s unique strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


Services offered:

  • Clarifying vision and market objectives
  • Aligning with new partners
  • Objective analysis, SWOT
  • Strategic planning retreats
  • Strategic business realignment


Consulting Engagements

To fit small to mid-sized budgets and time requirements.


Change Management – When Change is Good

Your service mix or management team may be in need of revitalizing or restructuring to meet todays challenges. Just as medicine requires bedside manner, strategy requires delicate alignment of internal and external stakeholders. Working with public sector agencies, non-profit and private entities to move from vision to consensus to success story.


Success Speaks for Itself

Today's planning determines tomorrow's success.


      See our project Expertise and Client work pages.


When Market Positioning Does Not Come Naturally

Do you have the tactical plan, asset mix and staffing to align with your mission, resources and business objectives?


Services offered:

  • Aligning financial and staffing resources
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Succession planning
  • Developing performance metrics
  • Measuring program impact


Public Policy – Thriving through Alignment

Working at the intersection of the public and private sectors can work wonders for intelligent organizations. We know what resources private firms have to leverage, and what policy trends to anticipate. We follow policy makers and academic research, predicting regulatory and market driven changes.


We advise private organizations on applying public policy solutions to marketplace challenges and opportunities.


Services offered:

  • Conducting policy and political assessments
  • Developing policy briefs, position papers
  • Addressing stakeholder meetings, hearings
  • Working with public officials to articulate client interests
  • Alignment with policy directions, objectives


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